Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Spring is just around the corner. It is almost 70 degrees and sunny today what a wonderful day. Now it is time to get the rake out and clear away the winter’s clutter.
My poor garden was much neglected last year. I had surgery in March that had some complications that were not resolved till August; it took several mo
nths to get back on my feet. So the garden was left on its own all last summer. I did get some flowers that came up on their own and had a couple of tomato a plant in the vegetable garden but that was all that got done.

One of the last things that did get finished last fall was they pile of wood we had got cut, split, loaded and taken to my parent’s home. The wood was from the trees that we cut the first year we lived in our house (we have lived here 5 ½ years) so it was time to get rid of it before it just rotted away. We had a nice warm fall day to cut it up but the day after was the first snow of the year and so the cleanup was left for the spring. Also my husband is a bit of a junk collector and the pile of wood hid it so now that needs to be sorted and put in a new hiding place.

Some of my goals this summer are to plant the rest of the north flowerbed, rebuild the terraces at the front of the house. I also want to work on getting the rest of the patio finished, I have to build a stone wall to hold the sand in place then find some black dirt to fill about 8”-12” deep. I plan to put a new herb bed in this area of the patio, it is closer to the kitchen then the bed I have right now.

These poor flamingos are hidden by the dry overgrown grass. This is where the patio need to be finished see the large rocks they need to be moved so I can start building the stone wall.

Stay tunned for the Spring clean up and the renewal of the garden.
Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day