Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have a beautiful bouquet of
on my dinning room
table this morning

I did not go out and pick them just to have a
bouquet on the table today
The wind and rain blow through our town last night an this is what my flowers looked like this morning.

So I went out with strips of cloth from an old tee shirt and tied them up.
Hopefully they will stand nice and tall again in a few more days. Lets hope for now more wind and rain for awhile. Now I am off to pick up and the sticks in the yard. Enjoy the next couple of pictures and have a great day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Flowers

Nothing Says Summer Like Sunflowers

I never can figure out what to grow in the flower bed at the front of our house. So this year as I was going through my seeds I quite a few packages of sunflower seeds so out to the flower bed I went. First we sprayed it with round up as the weeds had already started to take over, after the weeds died and we dug out some mulberry bushes I took the tiller to the beds, then sowed the seeds and this is what came up.
I just lover to what them open to see all the different colors and shapes. There are a couple that are in the very front that have a different shaped leaf that I can't wait to see what the flower will look like. So enjoy the colors will add a few more later as they continue to bloom.

Have a Great Day