Tuesday, July 28, 2009


July has been very cool this year. My flowers are loving it but we could use a little rain right now. This is a picture of the flower bed that was put in a couple years ago, it survived a year of neglect, you can see were I extended it this year, next year I will have to split some of the flowers as some of them are overtaking.

I have planted some mint next to the foundation of the house to hopefully it with take over since right now all that seems to grew there is creeping charley. You can see the nice patch of it growing already, I just love having the fresh mint on hand.

Here is the veggie garden, this was taken a couple weeks ago the tomatoes are taking over now, we have eaten a few cherry ones. The lager ones are taking their time. The peppers have been hating to cool weather and are not doing well, hopefully it will get a bit warmer and we will get some rain soon.

Well, hope you are having a great summer.

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