Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thoughts of Summer

Boy is it cold here. Thought some pictures of summer flowers might warm me up. I was unable to do much with my flowers and garden this past summer due to some heath problems.

What I really missed was the fresh produce from the garden. Most of the flowers grew on their own this year with out tender love and care. I am hoping they survive this winter and give their best again this summer. I was able to have a few tomato plants it was nice to have fresh tomatos for BLT's. I am really hoping to have a nice veggie garden this summer. I found a really wonderful zucchini call Gadzukes it has a star like appearance when you cut them.

They don’t go mushy when fried as they are not a watery as other zucchini. I used them to make bread and butter pickles and a pickle relish. You can get the seeds from Cooks Garden http://www.cooksgarden.com/.

I hope you are keeping warm and have a nice day

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