Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mmmmmmm BREAD

I was shopping at Sam’s Club before Christmas and was browsing the book section. A book on bread called Beautiful Breads by Margaux Sky http://margauxskyfood.blogspot.com/ caught my eye. I am always on the lookout for a new bread idea this book had several intriguing looking breads, so in the cart it went (it was even on sale). When I got home I had a look through it and put it away so I could concentrate on Christmas baking. Christmas came and went we returned our Son to Chicago and things got back to normal.
The book was sitting there calling me. So I went to see if I had all the ingredients for the bread and I did. Out came the mixer and the bread was soon under way. Not only did I make the Peanut Butter-Chocolate Fudge Bread
but also the Horseradish Parmesan Bread, I substituted Assiago cheese for the parmesan because that is what I had on hand.
The smell of these breads baking was just wonderful and it was well worth all the trouble of making these breads.
We had one loaf of the horseradish-assiago for an appetizer and part of the second loaf with supper. We had the Chocolate Peanut butter for desert. The next day I used what was left of the Horseradish-Assiago for prime rib sandwiches with sautéed onions and peppers. We did not eat all of the peanut butter bread what was left was made into bread pudding which was to die for. There is one more recipe that I really want to try it is grape jelly bread so stay tuned it is not too far off in the future.

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  1. Well if you ever want to try some of those breads out on me feel free...ya know when you come home to visit!! LOL