Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tea Bag Folding

I love to make handmade cards all thought I am terrible at sending them. I started to make card in England when I was invited by my best friend Jackie to a Woman’s Institute meeting and we were introduced to teabag folding and quilling. I also was introduced to Stitch-a-Line cards.

I already did some origami folding when we lived in Okinawa so moving to teabag folding was not a big stretch. Teabag folding was started in Holland by Tiny van der Plas she used the papers that tea bags came in to fold a medallion to add to a card. Now you are able to get the “tea bags” from many sited on the internet you can order pre printed sheet or print your own.
There are many ways to fold and combine papers so that one teabag will give you many interesting medallions.

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