Sunday, February 15, 2009

Romantic Valentine Dinner ?

Valentine’s night we decided not to go out this year, thought about getting a couple of good steaks but decided against that. There was a small pan of unbaked lasagna in the freezer that was made at Christmas time so out it came. There was also a bit of roman lettuce left in the fridge, I made a garlic dressing, (if you both eat it, it is ok) and a bit of assiago cheese for the top. And a good bottle of wine from a local winery Eagle City Winery The lasagna came out of the freezer and we went to sit in the hot tub and enjoy the last of the afternoon sun. When we came in the lasagna went into the oven and I sat and helped Todd set up his Facebook account. The salad was made just as the Lasagna was finishing baking. We got our salads, OH we need something a bit romantic is there a candle to light? Luckily there is on in the candle holder Todd made me for Mother’s Day, matches? I remembered there is a lighter in the kitchen that is used to light the stove when it is being temperamental.
So the scene was set candle, wine, and good food. We then sat down with our meal Cops. That is what old married folk do sometimes for a Romantic evening.

We both enjoyed this evening because of the bad night we had for our anniversary. We went out to a restaurant and had poor service, mediocre food, just a bad night.
We ended the evening with Todd’s valentines present Coffee Ice Cream. I had made it Friday before he got home so he had no idea. I had put it in the freezer with his card thinking he would get some ice to put in a drink but he had a beer instead. He was surprised when I got it out and set it by him. We both had a bowl. I stopped at one serving but that was hard to do as it was really good. Todd did have a bit more, it was sure worth the effort to make it and the recipe will be one I make again. The recipe for this ice cream came from Simply Recipes

This does show that
Love does come from the Heart.

Hope you all had a very
“Happy Valentine’s Day”


  1. Nice blog, Jaci! When is your anniversary? Ours is the 22nd of this month and we'll be married 33 years.

  2. New years eve we were married 26 yrs.

  3. ahhhh parent love.......ewww lol....... Happy birthday yesterday hope you like your books
    love me